Dear all,

We would like to reassure you, during this time of uncertainty and global health crisis, that no team member has currently been affected by COVID-19.

In fact, we have set in place procedures to assure our employees’ health and safety without compromising production and logistics.

–        We further tightened our already strict hygienic standards.

–        We set up dedicated areas for hand disinfection, as well as we affix informative posters useful to stop the virus from spreading.

–        All work related travel has been cancelled until further notice.

–        All meetings happen remotely through a dedicated software.

–        Smart Working has been implemented for all employees that can work from home. Therefore, feel free to contact our staff anytime if you need assistance.

Our main priority is both to guarantee the best service possible, and to keep supplying you with our top quality medical devices, yet maintaining our staff health and safety as a priority as well.

We will do all that is in our power to overcome this challenge as smoothly as possible.




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