GEM reminds you of the appointment for Wednesday 23rd of September at 6 pm with the Webinar:

Glubran 2, hemostatic sclerosing agent for endoscopic treatment of GI bleedings

18.00 – 18.05    Introduction   (Dr. M. Mattioli)
18.05 – 18.15    Physical and chemical properties of Glubran 2   (Dr. F. Gini)
18.15 – 18.45   An emergency treatment or a prophylaxis? Applications (Prof. G. Costamagna)
18.45 – 19.00   Not only for varices & ulcers? Future developments (Dr. Ivo Boskoski)
19.00 – 19.15   Tips & Tricks for correct use with endoscope (Dr. Lucio Petruzziello)

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See you there!