Welcome and Introductions

Massimiliano Mattioli – Vittorio Pedicini MD – Dario Poretti MD

As the webinar commenced, Massimiliano Mattioli welcomed all attendees and Vittorio Pedicini made a brief introduction, underlining the importance of sharing information about the use of NBCA, as a new material to be used in the ER.

Dario Poretti listed the topics presented by each attendee:

  • Felice D’Antuono – Portal Vein Embolization
  • Vittorio Pedicini – TAE: Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Ezio Lanza – AVMs
  • Felice D’Antuono – Varicocele
  • Riccardo Muglia – Enterocutaneous Fistulas

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