Atraumatic hernia mesh fixation system

GLUTACK® A total evolution.

Designed from years of inherited experience of Glubran® 2 in atraumatic laparoscopic and laparotomic mesh fixation.

Glutack® is a user-friendly device for the atraumatic laparoscopic fixation of hernia mesh. Providing precise and consistent delivery of Glubran® 2 (NBCA+MS) with every pull of the trigger, to minimize surgical complications and the potential pain associated with the use of tacks and staples. Improving surgical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

One Glutack ® dispensed with every pull of the trigger

Glutack® + Glubran® 2 = 1 high performance adhesive tack

No change in clinical practice: delivery method is similar to traditional mesh fixation devices

Glubran® 2 effectiveness in repairing hernias with less post-op pain, less complications, less recurrences and cost-effective is largely documented

Improving patient safety and surgeon confidence

Keep the mesh in place respecting the natural tissue ingrowth

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